Boston Celtics, Do They Need to Improve This Year?

Celtics had a 2-1 lead in the Finals and led by four with less than five minutes left in Game 4. But they scored just three points on their final eight possessions of the game, and then scored less than a point per possession as they dropped Games 5 and 6. Clutch offense was an issue all season for the Celtics, who scored less than a point per clutch possession in the regular season and just 57 points on 64 clutch possessions (89.1 per 100) in the playoffs. Having another offensive initiator on the court will help immensely because he’s another guy that can create shots for himself and others. That should give everyone on the court more room to maneuver. Brogdon is a serious threat from outside as well.

With that said, as mentioned above, it still falls to Jayson and Jaylen to improve in this area as well. Both have been focusing on their strength and technique for driving into the lane while protecting the ball. Both grew throughout the year in their ability to read the defense and distribute the ball.

This is a key stat to keep an eye on this year and it could be an indicator of how much progress the team has made since last year and how far they can get in the next playoffs.


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