What to Drink as a Runner

Drinking is very important when running as it rehydrates the body. It replaces the liquid lost through sweating, helps the body to keep cool and also hydrates the muscles which help them to work better. There are a number of things you could drink but water should be enough. If you are running short distances – for 30 minutes of less then you will not have time to drink while you are running as you will be going too fast. Make sure you drink before and after. If you are runningĀ a longer distance then you will need to have a drink with you and you can buy special drink holders which are easy to hold when running. There are many energy drinks designed for drinking while participating in sport which have many chemicals added to them. These are supposed to give you an energy boost but if you plan your eating sensibly then you should not need this extra energy burst. If you are competing then you might want it to give you an extra advantage but during training it is unlikely that you will need this. Try it out and see what you think, but water should be enough for you. You can find foods that have hydrophilic properties that will help you maintain the hydration of your body!

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