Warming Up for Running

It is even more important to warm up for running than other sports. This is because your body has to take a lot of strain when you are pounding your feet down especially if you are running on pavements. It is important to stretch the muscles in your legs and to do some gentle jogging before you start your run. It is also important not to run too far at once. If you are just starting out as a runner, then you need to build up. Even if you are confident about running, you will need to start slowly for the sake of your body or else you may injure yourself by straining muscles or damaging tendons and ligaments.  Start off by running a short distance and maybe walking some or alternate running and walking, doing a few minutes of each and then swapping. Once you have done this for a few weeks you should be able to build up the distance you are running at a gradual pace. Be sensible and do not let other people pressure you in to doing more than you know you are capable of. It is better to start slowly and protect your body than do too much at once and injure yourself then have to rest for a few weeks before doing more.

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