Warming Up for Running

It is even more important to warm up for running than other sports. This is because your body has to take a lot of strain when you are pounding your feet down especially if you are running on pavements. It is important to stretch the muscles in your legs and to do some gentle jogging [...]

Cooling Down Even More Important Than Warming Up

Cooling down is as important, if not more so than warming up after any sport. It is important to stretch the muscles you have been using to stop them from stiffening up. If you are looking for pain and muscle ache then do not cool down and stretch. I do not recommend for you to [...]

The Role of Sleep in Muscle Recovery

It is important for everyone to get enough sleep in order for their body to repair itself. If you are running or doing any sort of exercise then it is even more important that your body get the rest it requires for the muscles you have used to recover. You may think that you do [...]