Personal Safety When Running

It is very important to make sure that you are safe when you are running. It is wise to always carry a mobile phone with you so if you get injured or lost you can call someone for help. Make sure that the phone is charged and switched on and that you have a number of someone who will be able to come to you if you need help. Tell someone that you are going, especially if you are alone, so that they can phone you if you are away too long, just to check that you are okay. This is a great way to guarantee your safety. It may be better to run with someone else or even as part of a group and that will make sure that you are looked after. You may feel safer this way and if you are running through woodlands or out in the countryside this will be far safer in case you get injured in the middle of nowhere. Wear bright colors or at least a bright top so that you can be seen easily and try to stick to main roads or footpaths if you can. Bright clothing will help cars to see you as well if you are running near to roads. If running in the dark a flashing light attached to your clothing and reflective tape front and back really helps make you more visible to motorists.

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