Is Color a Valid Consideration When Choosing Running Shoes?

Choosing Running Shoes by Color

It can always be tempting to buy something because you like the color of it. If you already have a set of running clothes then you may want to match your shoes to them so that it looks good. You should find that certain colors are fashionable in running outfits and so it is likely that you will be able to get something that matches. Remember though, that color should be one of the final factors when choosing, you do need to consider comfort and fit first and color may be a way of choosing between two pairs which feel identically comfortable. It is worth thinking about whether there is any reflective material on the shoes, especially if you intend to go out running the dark. You may have reflectors on other parts of your running outfit but because your feet move the most, then a reflective strip on there will really draw the eye of a car driver, for example and will certainly help to keep you a lot safer. If you intend to keep your shoes for a long time then whether the color is a fashionable one, could be irrelevant because the fashions may change before you buy another pair of shoes so why not go with something which you like as you will continue to like it whether fashions change or not.

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