Nike Running Shoes + iPod Sport Kit = Personal Trainer

If you want to keep track of your running in a totally cool technological way, you need to get the sports kit that links Nike running shoes with your iPod. Using this kit is like having your own personal trainer. The system is remarkably simple and easy to use. You can also upload your data to the web, which allows you to set long-term running goals and keep up with your progress and improvement.

The Nike-iPod sports kit is one of those why-didn’t-I-think-of-it ideas. There are just two pieces of hardware to the system, a sensor for your shoes and a receiver for the iPod. If you own later versions of the iPod, you may not even need the receiver. The sensor is designed to fit into a special pouch on certain Nike running shoes. However, if you have other running shoes already, you can also buy an add-on pouch that attaches to your shoelaces and holds the sensor.

Using this system is like having your very own personal trainer running alongside with you. You set up some basic parameters, choose your workout music and go. As you run, a pleasant voice will let you know as you pass certain points in the workout, like reaching halfway or burning a certain number of calories. Several different exercise statistics are tracked and can be reviewed on demand.

Lets not forget that there are several important parts to running. Nutrition is the key so that you muscles have the fuel they need to go the distance.Carbs can help you run longer and faster by providing your muscles with plenty of glycogen.

The iPod Sport Kit and Nike running shoes combination is an excellent way to track your running workouts without really having to do a thing. And the easier we make it to have a successful workout, the more likely we are to just do it.

Choosing Running Shoes - Gait Assessment

Many people of not realize that a great percentage of people tend to run with their feet tending to move slightly inwards. If this happens it means that the running shoe does not give you enough support where you need it and it may cause problems with your feet. In good running and sports clothing shops you will be able to have a gait analysis to find out what type of shoes you need. This consists of running for a few minutes on a treadmill while being filmed. The tape will then be analyzed in order to find out whether you run with straight feet or with them turning inwards. Then you will be able to pick from the right type of shoes – either with extra support on the inside part of the bottom or not. A supplement like Epi-andro can help with healing which will also help with running. You should find that there is no big price difference between the two types of shoes, called neutral and support but there may be a variety in brands and colors. So do not worry that the shop assistant is telling you that you need a particular type of shoes because they want you to spend more money – this will not be the case at all.

The Importance of Comfortable Running Shoes

Choosing Running Shoes for Comfort

It is obviously important to make sure that you choose a pair of comfortable shoes for running in. Even if you are only doing shorter distances, you will be pounding down on your feet and you want to make sure that they are providing you with the amount of support that you need. Try out several brands in the shop that you go to. If they do not have a lot of choice in your size, then go elsewhere or ask them to order some in for you. Make sure that you try them out one pair after another and even try on odd shoes so you can get a direct comparison between them. Wear the type of socks that you intend to use when running because this will give you an even better idea of how comfortable they will feel when you are using them. If they are at all uncomfortable then do not buy them, it is unlikely that they will feel significantly better after you have run a few miles in them and your feet have swollen up. Make sure you at least walk around the shop and even ask to try them out on their treadmill or jog about a bit. You may feel silly but it is worth it if it prevents blisters.

Running Shoes and Fair Prices

Choosing Running Shoes Based on Price

Running shoes can vary in price a lot and it is worth investigating why some are more expensive than others. Go to a shop where you know the assistant knows what they are talking about and get them to talk you through the different shoes and what the differences are between them and why some are significantly dearer than others. If the person you are speaking too is lacking the knowledge of the different shoes go to another shop until you are satisfied with the information. It could be just to do with brands and fashion but it is more likely to do with the technology in the shoe and the features that it has. Think about what you need in a shoe and whether the ones you are choosing between can offer that. It is easy to be tempted to think that the cheapest offers the best value for money or that the most expensive will be of the highest quality but this may not be the case and so it is worth finding out more about them rather than drawing your own conclusions. If you cannot afford the shoes that you need, then consider waiting and saving up for them rather than buying something which is not completely suitable and then having to buy again when you can afford them or suffering from blisters or sore feet as a result of not spending enough money the first time.

Research Different Brands Before Choosing Running Shoes

Choosing Running Shoes by Brand

There are many companies that make running shoes and it can be tempting to go for the brand that you have heard of, rather than the one that you have not. It can be a good way to judge, but it depends how much you know about running shoes and the brands that there are. It is worth doing some research about the different brands before you buy, so that you know what the differences between them are. Some companies tend to make more fashionable sportswear and others make sportswear which is more suitable for the more serious athletes. Think about what you are buying for. If you want running shoes, then it is likely that you are doing serious running and therefore want something designed for this. This means that the brands may not be the ones you are familiar with, but companies that are experts specifically in running shoes and this is a good thing as they are likely to know more about designing a specialist shoe. If you buy from a specialist running shop, the shop owner or manager should be able to talk to you about brands and the differences between them, which is most hard wearing, best designed and best value for money.