Finding the Best Time for Running

It can be hard knowing what time of the day is the best to run. It is good to go first thing in the morning as it will be quiet and you are less likely to meet pedestrians. If you are running on pavements in a town, then you will need to do it after the shops are closed or else you may meet people and they will get in your way or causing a unforeseen collision. Running just after eating is not a good idea as it can lead to getting you sick or internal injury. You could also get bloated and feel very uncomfortable. Therefore running before breakfast or a few hours after a meal is optimal. Some people find they need to eat before they run and if this is the case then have something light such as a banana which will not lie heavy in the stomach. It could be even better to have a few dextrose tablets beforehand instead to give you energy without filling you up at all. Try running at different times of the day in order to see which times seem to suit you better. You may find it easier to fit it in your lunch hour or after work, maybe weekend mornings or before cooking the evening meal. Think how you can fit it in to your own lifestyle to ease the pressure of the day and make your run enjoyable.

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