Eating Right for Running Energy

What to Eat as a Runner

If you want to run a lot then it is important to eat sensibly to give yourself the energy that you need. Having complex carbohydrates, such as wholemeal pasta and bread or brown rice will help you to keep long term energy reserves and should help you have lots of energy when training. It is important for everyone to have a balanced diet so have low fat proteins and a good variety of fruits and vegetables as well. If you want a quick boost of energy then carbohydrates that are easier to break down are good – things like potatoes and bananas and so it could be sensible to eat these the day before and day of a race. It is a good idea to carry some dextrose tablets with you when running in case you need an extra energy boost. Energy drinks could also give you that boost but because the sugars and caffeine give you a spike in energy which is followed by a slump then they are probably best avoided while training but may be useful for a race. It is worth experimenting with foods to find out what suits you as you may find certain foods do not give you so much energy as others.

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