Cooling Down Even More Important Than Warming Up

Cooling down is as important, if not more so than warming up after any sport. It is important to stretch the muscles you have been using to stop them from stiffening up. If you are looking for pain and muscle ache then do not cool down and stretch. I do not recommend for you to forget this very important last step to your work out. If you do not cool down and stretch your muscles properly, you may start to feel stiff just a few hours after finishing the run. It is tempting to just sit down afterward and rest but spending some time just cooling down will pay dividends. After you have finished your run, walk for two minutes before stopping. Then stretch the muscles of your legs, the calves and thighs and stretch each one in turn for a few seconds each. This small stretch can really help the muscles to relax better and you will be amazed at the difference that it makes. It will make it easier for you to recover from the run and therefore easier to go ahead and do the next one. It is hard if you have to do the next run, still stiff and sore from the last one. It will also motivate you better if you feel good after each run – if you feel sore and stiff you may not be so keen to do the next run.

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