Choosing Running Shoes - Gait Assessment

Many people of not realize that a great percentage of people tend to run with their feet tending to move slightly inwards. If this happens it means that the running shoe does not give you enough support where you need it and it may cause problems with your feet. In good running and sports clothing shops you will be able to have a gait analysis to find out what type of shoes you need. This consists of running for a few minutes on a treadmill while being filmed. The tape will then be analyzed in order to find out whether you run with straight feet or with them turning inwards. Then you will be able to pick from the right type of shoes – either with extra support on the inside part of the bottom or not. You should find that there is no big price difference between the two types of shoes, called neutral and support but there may be a variety in brands and colors. So do not worry that the shop assistant is telling you that you need a particular type of shoes because they want you to spend more money – this will not be the case at all.

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