Choosing Music to Run to

A lot of people like to choose a nice piece of music to listen to when they run. It is a good idea to make sure that you match the music to the way that you run. You probably like to start off slow and so a slower track would be appropriate. It is then best to have something which is a bit faster. Towards the end of the run you may want to have a sprint finish or you may want to slow down and come to a slow jog, walk and then stop. You will need to choose appropriate music for this. Do not have music which is faster than you can cope with running to or else you will be constantly gasping for breath. Something too slow will bring your time down or your distance down depending on whether you like to run a certain distance or for a certain time. You may need to change the speed of your tracks as you get faster or tackle longer distances and so it is important to keep on top of it. You may also like to have several alternative play lists depending on your mood at the time. It could keep you very busy, selecting music but it will be worth it if it improves your training.

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