Choosing a Safe Place to Run

It is important to choose a safe place to run. If you are running after dark or before it gets light then you should choose a well lit road or playing field. However, make sure that there is a safe path to walk on and that you are not running too close to the road where you could risk being hit by a car. Wear reflective clothing and flashing lights if running in the dark and if you are running in daylight then bright clothes are advisable especially if you are by the roadside or will be crossing roads as it can be tricky crossing safely when you are looking for traffic while running along. It is better for the feet to run on even grass such as a playing field, rather than on pavements or rough grass. Running on pavements puts more strain on your body and can lead to tendon damage. Running on rough grass may mean that you have injury from stepping in a hole or getting feet caught in tall plants. A nice even playing field is the best place to run because it is safe and meant for running on. It will be soft underfoot and there should be no holes to fall in or tall undergrowth. Remember to get permission to run around a sports field. If possible always run with partners because your safety is increased by numbers.

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