Choosing Running Shoes - Gait Assessment

Many people of not realize that a great percentage of people tend to run with their feet tending to move slightly inwards. If this happens it means that the running shoe does not give you enough support where you need it and it may cause problems with your feet. In good running and sports clothing [...]

The Importance of Comfortable Running Shoes

Choosing Running Shoes for Comfort

It is obviously important to make sure that you choose a pair of comfortable shoes for running in. Even if you are only doing shorter distances, you will be pounding down on your feet and you want to make sure that they are providing you with the amount of support that [...]

Running Shoes and Fair Prices

Choosing Running Shoes Based on Price

Running shoes can vary in price a lot and it is worth investigating why some are more expensive than others. Go to a shop where you know the assistant knows what they are talking about and get them to talk you through the different shoes and what the differences are [...]

Research Different Brands Before Choosing Running Shoes

Choosing Running Shoes by Brand

There are many companies that make running shoes and it can be tempting to go for the brand that you have heard of, rather than the one that you have not. It can be a good way to judge, but it depends how much you know about running shoes and the [...]

Is Color a Valid Consideration When Choosing Running Shoes?

Choosing Running Shoes by Color

It can always be tempting to buy something because you like the color of it. If you already have a set of running clothes then you may want to match your shoes to them so that it looks good. You should find that certain colors are fashionable in running outfits and [...]