Warming Up for Running

It is even more important to warm up for running than other sports. This is because your body has to take a lot of strain when you are pounding your feet down especially if you are running on pavements. It is important to stretch the muscles in your legs and to do some gentle jogging [...]

Cooling Down Even More Important Than Warming Up

Cooling down is as important, if not more so than warming up after any sport. It is important to stretch the muscles you have been using to stop them from stiffening up. If you are looking for pain and muscle ache then do not cool down and stretch. I do not recommend for you to [...]

Choosing a Safe Place to Run

It is important to choose a safe place to run. If you are running after dark or before it gets light then you should choose a well lit road or playing field. However, make sure that there is a safe path to walk on and that you are not running too close to the road [...]

Finding the Best Time for Running

It can be hard knowing what time of the day is the best to run. It is good to go first thing in the morning as it will be quiet and you are less likely to meet pedestrians. If you are running on pavements in a town, then you will need to do it after [...]

Personal Safety When Running

It is very important to make sure that you are safe when you are running. It is wise to always carry a mobile phone with you so if you get injured or lost you can call someone for help. Make sure that the phone is charged and switched on and that you have a number [...]